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Dan Savage makes me LOL by telling the truth

Advice Seeker: “Dan, Dan! My dick doesn’t work when I go like this.” Advice Columnist: “Don’t go like that.” via Savage Love by Dan Savage – Columns – Savage Love – Dan Savage – The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper. Advertisements

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Reason to love Cincinnati #99

The seasonal ice skating rink opens today, according to, and the annual tree-lighting ceremony will be held Friday night. I love that we can go downtown as a family, or as individuals in the dead of night and be … Continue reading

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Murdoch and Jobs’ iPad-Only News App

Murdoch and Jobs’ iPad-Only News App: What We Know So Far – PCWorld. So, Mr. Faux, err, Fox news Rupert Murdoch and Mr. “Porn is bad, mmmkay” Steve Jobs are teaming to make an iPad only newspaper. It has been … Continue reading

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NY Times headlines and reality

As Eagles’ Michael Vick Soars, Stigma of His Conviction Fades – Now, let us be clear, Michael Vick bred dogs with plan watching them die gruesomely, killed dogs with his bare hands and forced them to fight other animals … Continue reading

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It is a shame…

It is a shame that cold fusion research cannot write campaign donation checks.

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Bristol Palin

Why is another teen whore getting so much attention in this country? She has no value at all, and I tire of seeing her on USAtoday and other news sites. It appears the way to be a good republican is … Continue reading

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Gay Rights!

I want to thank the christian right for destroying the institution of marriage before they let gay people get married.  I find their tactic of being rotten to each other and practicing infidelity to be self-destructive but curiously effective. Nearly … Continue reading

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