In the good news for civilization category…

Michigan assistant AG fired after targeting openly gay student leader

Michigan has led the panicked ignorance of the “anti-cyber-bullying movement” after deciding that pre-existing laws were not adequate to crimes since old laws did not give press coverage to the legislative representatives pushing for them. The people who are supposed to pursue those laws generally work for the state attorney general. Unfortunately, one of the worse cyber-bullies in the state is Andrew Shirvell, a now-former assistant AG of Michigan. Andrew Shirvell is a piece of feces who smears his religious based hatred of people (which he acquires from his moronic-invisible-friend-in-the-sky book aka “the bible”) and he has used his position in government to continue to attack anyone gay, or anyone who defends gay people. Google his name, his actions are abhorrent and I have decided to become xian long enough to pay for god to strike him down.

The good news is that he was finally fired, the bad news is he did this for over a YEAR before any action was taken. The old governor in Michigan clearly favored his ignorant rhetoric, and the state AG should have stepped up months ago. They all waited until after the election so they would not lose votes from the religious trash.

I am ashamed of the state of Michigan.

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