NY Times headlines and reality

As Eagles’ Michael Vick Soars, Stigma of His Conviction Fades – NYTimes.com.

Now, let us be clear, Michael Vick bred dogs with plan watching them die gruesomely, killed dogs with his bare hands and forced them to fight other animals to the death. He is a piece of shit and deserves nothing more than being tied in a corner and beaten/choked/tortured to death. I feel that the “stigma” of being a person who started with torturing and killing animals (which is where serial killers start) should NEVER go away. Don’t give me any guff about him “paying his debt”, the rotten son-of-a-bitch set in a minimum security cell being treated as a hero by guards and prisoners alike.

I will NEVER pay a dime for any NFL event, or item, nor will I encourage others, and in fact I have and will continue to cost them ticket and merchandise sales. If you attend a NFL game, you are supporting people like Michael Vick and his supporters. I am not some nutty PETA person, nor am I some touchy-feely jerk who whines when people use phrases like, “kill two birds with one stone”,  I am merely a person who recognizes that when you have a murderous scumbag in your neighborhood you should not reward it because it can throw a football. It appears that football players can get away with anything they want as long as they have in-game talent, and that is ENTIRELY the wrong message for the children of the world.

The NFL should have given him a lifetime ban, and the Eagles are owned by rotten money-grubbing bastards who care more for wins and cash than for honor and integrity. I do not think Michael Vick is worth the energy it would take to SPIT on him.

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