The Perils of Priceline

Bill Shatner urges us to not be so namby-pamby and to go lower, so I submitted a bid for about half the going rate of a 2.5star hotel in Bowling Green, OH for New Years Eve. I got a return of a Days Inn and thought to myself, well, I have stayed in decent Days Inn’s before so let me google it to make sure I can find it… Hmm… all the recent reviews say they have bedbugs, horrible smells in the rooms, etc. I think to myself, well, surely does not have reviews this bad on their site, because they would remove a place like that… right? Nope, all their recent reviews on Priceline are just as bad. Priceline has a no return, no cancellation policy on a hotel for which they have reviews indicating the place is not tolerable.

Never again, Bill, never again, frak you and the priceline negotiator, I am beginning to suspect the rest of the crew was right about you being the jerk of the bunch. Anyone have suggestions for a way to bug bomb the place so we can at least shower there?

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