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President Barack Obama replies!

I wish I could say that his response helped , or even provided useful data. I have run down all the links, made some calls, filled out surveys, etc. The end result is that if you buy a house, and … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Mr. President, I keep reading about bailouts and helping those caught in the mortgage crisis. Nothing ever helps my family. I have reached the conclusion that unless you were reckless with your money you cannot be helped. My wife purchased … Continue reading

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The Governor of Alabama is an animal

Anyone who voted for this idiot should be smacked in the face with a baseball bat. I cannot believe in this day and age that people with invisible friends are allowed to hold themselves above the sane.I do not want … Continue reading

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Johnson and Johnson cannot be trusted

Johnson and Johnson, dirty underhanded lying company. Let’s know we need to do a recall and instead of doing it we will just hire some zeroes to drive around and buy up all the Motrin. Thankfully one of those zeroes … Continue reading

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Wikileaks gives up the right to protection as a journalist.

Wikileaks guy Julian Assange says he has a bunch of info that can bring down Rupert Murdoch and Fox news but instead of releasing it, he is keeping it as insurance Which means he is not an investigative journalist, but … Continue reading

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Seriously, I am so glad to see the Philadelphia Eagles lose, and I will be cheering against them until they dump Michael Vick. Hiring an animal to be your quarterback means you deserve no respect from humanity. Do not give … Continue reading

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Turns out Chick-Fil-A is ran by a group of conservative xians who have decided to fight gay marriage. There seems to be an impression that gay people will stop straight xians from being rotten spouses for one another. If you … Continue reading

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