Seriously, I am so glad to see the Philadelphia Eagles lose, and I will be cheering against them until they dump Michael Vick. Hiring an animal to be your quarterback means you deserve no respect from humanity. Do not give me that line about him “doing his time”, he sat in a safe, clean, expensive jail being treated as a hero by his fellow crooks and the guards for a few months and that is supposed to be paying his dues?

He was killing animals with his bare hands if they did not fight well enough, heavily involved with gambling (Look at Pete Rose and what happened to him over gambling) and is basically just a two-bit thug. He brings discredit upon the sport, his team and himself with each breath he takes. I wish Sarah Palin would use her cross-hairs on him instead of on politicians. Until actual justice is done, I am rooting for anyone playing the Eagles. I wish nothing but pain and suffering for the owner Jeffrey Lurie since he has proven to be a supporter of criminals.

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