President Barack Obama replies!

I wish I could say that his response helped , or even provided useful data. I have run down all the links, made some calls, filled out surveys, etc. The end result is that if you buy a house, and it loses 90% of its value, you had better hope you are an idiot. I do appreciate the form response, and it is more accurate to the issue than any answer ever given by an outsourced help desk, but still no solution.

If you bought more house than was intelligent, they will help you.

If you are a junkie/drunk who wasted away your life they will help you.

If you rage quit your job and are unemployed they will help you.

If you did everything right, have great credit, have drawn 2 weeks of unemployment in your life only because major back surgery slowed you down, and your house drops due to political incompetence the only answer is to keep on suffering and hope. For anyone that doubts if the President is a xian, I think you now have the answer.

As a centrist I recognize that the story of the Ant and the Grasshopper is too right and left for reality, but it really sucks to be an Ant in a world that favors Grasshoppers.

Letter from the President of the United States

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