Fuck you Japan! (Update 2)

Thanks to incredible incompetence the country of Japan has ensured that unless we start killing dumb people at birth we will NOT get the nuclear power plants we need to start lessening our dependence on oil.

Their lack of serious planning, lack of capabilities to deal with problems, and the incessant greed that causes such decision process failures is on par with BP. The worst part is that since nuclear power plants are subsidized by the government they had the option to require adequate preparations. I realize the costs to protect facilities against a 9.0 earthquake and a resultant tsunami would be prohibitive, which is why they did not try on that level.  The failure comes from their lack of contingency planning and I wish they held to the old honor code, because if they did there would be several hundred sets of guts spilled on the floor of homes all over Japan.

Even worse is the Fox-Newsian people on the left who paint all nuclear energy with the same brush. You cannot be left-wing and against nuclear energy, there is simply no factual justification for it, so I hear the left ignoring reality and moving forward demanding we stop using nuclear plants. They sound just like the far right to me, ignoring reality and imposing their ignorant internal values on the world.

If the choice is between an all-controlling-religious-nut right and an all-controlling-self-righteous-nut left I opt to that we execute both.

A day after I called it, we are seeing stories that talk about the failures related to greed that led to this problem. Reports: Lax oversight greed preceded Japan nuclear crisis

The “GE Threeobjected to the Fukushima plant design over 35 years ago, they objected so much that they resigned from GE and joined anti-nuke protesters. Interestingly enough, the objection was over the issue now causing the problems.

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