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Birther = Racist

I find it amusing that the leading members of the Birther/KKK party are Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and Orly Taitz.  A stupid wench who raises whores, a born rich kid who has bankrupted himself four times over, a … Continue reading

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Tina Fey Rocks, Anna Holmes who?

Anna Holmes, the self-important, self-centered whiny little troll who founded (note her bragging about it in the article) has decided that Tina Fey makes her genitals itch in a bad way. She has used her blog platform to attack … Continue reading

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Clearly Redundant: Christian Idiot

Since the idiots in Florida think they can burn holy books for other mythologies I want to announce I am burning 10 bibles for every Koran the rednecks burn. I took the paragraph below in whole from since they … Continue reading

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