Clearly Redundant: Christian Idiot

Since the idiots in Florida think they can burn holy books for other mythologies I want to announce I am burning 10 bibles for every Koran the rednecks burn. I took the paragraph below in whole from since they had stated it so clearly.

Blame Terry Jones, they say, mustachioed head of a 50-member nondenominational charismatic Christian church in Gainesville, Florida. On Sunday, March 20, 2011, Pastor Jones staged a six-hour International Judge the Qur’an Day at his Dove World Outreach Center. Showpiece of this sparsely attended event was a trial of the Qur’an. By unanimous verdict of a multiracial jury of 3 men and 9 women, the Qur’an was found guilty of causing murder, rape and terrorism. Pastor Jones thereupon set the book on fire, remarking that “it actually burns very good.”

People have died over his mythology fueled ignorance and I call for his arrest on the charges of incitement to riot and failure to remain human. I pray to the god of Oral Roberts that Terry Jones be struck by a large car and that he dies slowly and painfully in a rain-filled ditch.

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