Tina Fey Rocks, Anna Holmes who?

Anna Holmes, the self-important, self-centered whiny little troll who founded Jezebel.com (note her bragging about it in the article) has decided that Tina Fey makes her genitals itch in a bad way. She has used her blog platform to attack Tina Fey for not living up to a set of ideals that Anna has never lived up to, and she whines about Tina not doing what Anna herself has failed to do. I have to wonder at the level of spite and jealousy involved, does Anna have a boyfriend that makes her dress up as Tina in bed?

I am a person inclined to rant, Anna Holmes is a person inclined to whine. Hate on Anna, Tina Fey owns you. Just like she owns my heart and my funny bone.

Tina Fey may be the most admired woman in show business. If only she would act the part

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