Conservatives show themselves as cowards and children.

Those who know me are aware that I have no positive opinion of either the far left or right. Both sides hurt this country daily in the pursuit of what they want rather than what is good for the citizens and the future.

Today I want to award my first Cowardly-Bitch-of-the-Month to Dan Collins of the Conservative Blogging Press!

While I am sure we need to counter the liberal-blogging-idiots I am not sure that he is the person to be doing the work. Recently my wife, a very talented artist and successful writer received the following email;

“Hi, Stacy,
I’m combining with another writer/editor to put up a commercial website offering services such as copywriting, image production, photography, sound production, voice over, video and related.  I don’t know what your politics are, and I don’t much care, but I should let you know that this will be a site for conservatives to source expertise from people who have similar values.  People will be able to vend their books, CDs, etc., promote their mom and pop businesses, there will be classifieds.

At any rate, that gives you a little insight into the business model.  There are a lot of people who blog as conservatives who dare not use their real names, because they’re afraid of repercussions in the mostly creative fields that they’re employed in.

Just so you know.  What I mean to say is, I find your images stunning. We’re seeking a kind of Art Deco look and field for the site, and some of your images appear to be futuristic versions of that past futurism.  I think that we’ll be able to get a lot of eyeballs for your outstanding work.  I think we might also be able to use you as a columnist (on image creation, not politics).  Please contact me if you have an interest.  <NUMBER REDACTED, No reason to call the wussy and taunt him!>
Thanks very much,  Dan Collins

I find it stunning that people of African-American descent were not afraid to use their real names when they stood up for themselves, gay people use their real names, women used their real names, and those who are MOST AGAINST CIVIL RIGHTS ARE AFRAID.

She and I talked about this, and she replied to him;

 No, thank you. I find it difficult to comprehend how conservatives feel so oppressed in this land of freedom that they would feel compelled to write under pseudonyms. There’s something to be said about standing behind what you say in this day and age of mass-information.  As defenders of our Constitution, we should not only protect, but employ our freedoms regarding press and religion. It is my personal belief that everyone should own his/her words, lest they be accused of spreading misinformation, lies or propaganda. It is my opinion that your business model presents a clear misuse of the anonymity the Internet provides, presenting a threat to those writers who report real news as well as the general readership, who deserve the facts. In my own effort to live my life according to these freedoms under the law, I adhere to certain standards and therefore, must decline.

Aside from my art, I already have a rewarding full time job so I am not looking for another. Thank you for taking the time to peruse the art galleries on my site. There are several fractal artists out there, if you do a search, maybe you can find another who is not so liberal as I.

All the best, Stacy Reed

Okay, so my wife responds nicely and tells this child who may perhaps be male, but is most certainly not a MAN that she has no interest in his silly tripe. I will be watching that he does not steal her work, we already have to deal with christian websites stealing it daily now. Now, let us talk about his response.


Thanks for your response.  I understand that Flint is virtually a
garden paradise given the many years of liberal government there and
in the state as a whole.

People everywhere gravitate to whatever resources best fit their
understanding of reality.  There is nothing particularly objective
about CNN or MSNBC.  Where I or anyone else chooses to source their
news and information should be a matter of no concern to anybody else,
in my opinion.

My business model is no different from that of, for example,
Progressive insurance and the causes and candidates whom they choose
to fund, or the companies that advertise in the pages of Harper’s or
Mother Jones.  If you believe that it is dangerous, presumably you
believe that Cass Sunstein is correct in stating that the government
ought to police, for example, wacko conspiracy theories online.  The
problem is, the government, conservative or liberal, will interpret
those things according to its own convenience, and sometimes . . . as
for instance with Watergate . . . crazy conspiracy theories turn out
to be true.

Some of my good online friends work in Hollywood and other places
where conservatives are subject to blacklisting.  For that matter,
think of the businesses you may have patronized or boycotted for their
policies and practices.

All of that said, I think you have oodles of talent, and wish you the
best, and admire you for sticking to your guns, no matter how
misguided I may think you are.

Best regards,

Let us examine this one paragraph at a time, first he attacks my home town, and while he is right that it is a complete hell hole (Number One in Murder and Arson!) that can be equally blamed on BOTH parties. Flint has its problems rooted in the fact that the UAW stood for “Us Ain’t Working” and that GM became a “corporate citizen” and was legally bound to raise stock prices instead of being a smart company, the politicians of EVERY party failed to plan. Since Dan Collins, like another fat white guy named Michael Moore is not from Flint, I recommend that both their fat white asses shut up.

He says that people gravitate towards resources that fit their reality so he provides it. I find it amusing since that is the SAME LOGIC USED BY HEROIN DEALERS.

He rambles about his conspiracy theories because those require the same level of ignorant faith as religion and it is easy to mislead the ignorant. Then he whines about people in Hollywood being blacklisted for their conservative opinions! Has this stupid loser never heard of a time Hollywood actually HAD a blacklist? Does he think Mel Gibson should be allowed to keep making movies if he wants to scream about killing jews?

He admits she has talent, then calls her misguided. Oh! What a sad state of mental affairs he suffers. She is enlightened and he is a boorish oaf with the intellectual capacity of a turnip.

I am not some namby-pamby liberal whining about his ignorance, I am a SOLDIER. I can kill cowards from 300 meters with an unmoded M16A1 forty times in forty all day long. I am not some hothouse intellectual pointing out that Dan’s entire world view is sad and misguided, I am someone noticing that the far left and far right are alike in the same way that country and rap are connected through their joint celebration of booze, drugs, vehicles and degrading women. I am not some ineffective leftist, I am a killer. I feel that Dan Collins does not have the intestinal fortitude to be a conservative, a soldier, or a man.

My name is Michael Reed and I say, “Fuck you very much Dan Collins, and you should not contact human beings.”

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One Response to Conservatives show themselves as cowards and children.

  1. Stacy Reed says:

    I didn’t say I was a liberal, like Michael, I am an in-between-er. I just suggested maybe he find another artist who may not be as liberal as I. To throw Flint into it was uncalled for, but he doesn’t know how hard we fought to make things better while we lived there, even to the detriment of Michael losing employment for standing up for what was right politically.

    While it’s been proven that people do gravitate toward news sources that slant toward their particular beliefs,it’s my opinion that real news reporters, anyone who wants to be taken seriously anyway, should have a name and a face and stand behind what they say, even if they are ridiculed for their stance or point of view.

    I can’t believe this guy would liken cowardly conservative blogging to Progressive Insurance, or even Mother Jones. At least Mother Jones provides an easily-accessible author bio for their reporters. If they were writing about top-secret information that could get them killed, or if they were a group of women rebelling against Islam, or even a group of sexual deviants trying to keep it on the DL, I would totally understand the need for pseudonyms as a basis for protection against retaliation. But come now. This isn’t China. We live in a country where we are protected from religious and political persecution.

    It really makes me wonder how extreme his Hollywood friends must be for them to feel as though they cannot publicly stand behind what they intend to write.

    Yes, from time to time, I’ve battled with the stance I should publicly take concerning my atheism, but it always comes down to the fact that I consider preserving the truth, as I have come to understand it, is more important than any humiliation or ostracizing I may personally receive. In my opinion, anything else would be dishonorable. That is why I will not allow them to use my art for their website, nor will I write for their shitty cowardly columns. Fuck their “creative” Hollywood jobs. They wouldn’t last one day as an atheist in the real world.

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