The stupid woman who killed her daughter and dumped the body in her trunk

I am not going to repeat her name, but we have all been bombarded by the press, and especially CNN who has gone to 24/7 coverage of a trial about 1 little kid and her murderous mom. I could care less, we have THREE PLUS WARS, the economy is in shambles and NOT A SINGLE MOVE HAS BEEN MADE TO FIX IT, my hometown leads the nation in murder and arson even though the cops there lie about the numbers. Half the idiots keep trying to make us a theocracy, and the other half cannot spell theocracy or define it.

Why CNN? Why make me unsub from your newsletter, could it be I am sick of 17 days of one trial being all your headlines? Robin Meade in the morning used to be a fun source of news and now I hope she just goes away. Could you report the NEWS again? Someone fire Nancy Grace so the network goes back to being something other than a left leaning Fox News.

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