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The end of the American Century

With the launch of the last Space Shuttle mission this morning the United States has given up the future. Thanks to the Luddite Republican idiots combined with those who should have been “shot in the face” rather than “ran for … Continue reading

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The stupid woman who killed her daughter and dumped the body in her trunk

I am not going to repeat her name, but we have all been bombarded by the press, and especially CNN who has gone to 24/7 coverage of a trial about 1 little kid and her murderous mom. I could care … Continue reading

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Conservatives show themselves as cowards and children.

Those who know me are aware that I have no positive opinion of either the far left or right. Both sides hurt this country daily in the pursuit of what they want rather than what is good for the citizens … Continue reading

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Birther = Racist

I find it amusing that the leading members of the Birther/KKK party are Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, and Orly Taitz.  A stupid wench who raises whores, a born rich kid who has bankrupted himself four times over, a … Continue reading

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Tina Fey Rocks, Anna Holmes who?

Anna Holmes, the self-important, self-centered whiny little troll who founded (note her bragging about it in the article) has decided that Tina Fey makes her genitals itch in a bad way. She has used her blog platform to attack … Continue reading

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Clearly Redundant: Christian Idiot

Since the idiots in Florida think they can burn holy books for other mythologies I want to announce I am burning 10 bibles for every Koran the rednecks burn. I took the paragraph below in whole from since they … Continue reading

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Fuck you Japan! (Update 2)

Thanks to incredible incompetence the country of Japan has ensured that unless we start killing dumb people at birth we will NOT get the nuclear power plants we need to start lessening our dependence on oil. Their lack of serious … Continue reading

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